Cookware That's Built To Last

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I'm considering buying a Scanpan cookware set, but I'm in the kitchen a lot and frequently make complicated recipes. I need something really durable. Which line would you suggest?

Cookware That's Built To Last

For all you aspiring Mario Batalis and Cat Coras out there, Scanpan has come up with a professional line. Like Scanpan Ergonomic and Scanpan Classic, Scanpan Professional features a heavy-duty pressure cast aluminum base for perfect heat distribution, and a patented ceramic-titanium nonstick surface for use with metal utensils. SCANPAN PROFESSIONAL uses the patented SCANPAN technology well established with SCANPAN CLASSIC. The pan body is made from a core of solid and the optimum thickness of the pan prevents warping and keeps the pan base perfectly flat. For the energy-conscience cook, the professional pan base distributes heat quickly and evenly while retaining heat longer, thus reducing energy use.

SCANPAN PROFESSIONAL can be used with little or no fat, so you can ensure your meals are prepared for the healthy-at-heart. As with the other nonstick lines, clean-up is a snap. For a restaurant-quality cooking experience in your own kitchen, choose a Scanpan Professional set.



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