What can I bake and cook in the oven?

Bakeware Basics For Oven Treats

Here's what you can make in the oven and what type of bakeware you need to create it.

  • Cakes: A sheet cake pan, or two round layer cake pans. A cooling rack that fits the shape of your cake pan: Baking tip: all cakes need to be cool enough to touch before icing or frosting or the cake will tear.
  • Pies: A pie dish or pie pan. Baking tip: Look for one with fluted edges for decorative pie shells. Simply use your finger to indent the dough at the top for a fluted edge.
  • Linzer tortes & quiches: Same pan, different dish. Linzer Tortes are jam-filled, open-faced pie for dessert while quiche is a breakfast, brunch or lunch dish made from eggs, cheese, and vegetables. Both have a pastry crust shaped by the fluted edge of these metal pans. Baking tip: Look for this pan with a removable bottom to preserve the delicate shape of these treats.
  • Cookies: Whether chocolate chip, sugar or Mexican wedding cookies, you'll need a great baking sheet to make them. Look for the newest in flexible silicone bakeware, hard-anodized aluminum and classics in stainless steel and aluminum. Baking tip: An easy-grip handle on one side is indispensable for lifting the sheet out of the oven and removing cookies.
  • Casseroles: These one-dish wonders yield the best results when cooked in a proper dutch oven with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Soufflé: You'll need a special soufflé dish either in a single serving size or whole meal size. Beautiful white fluted cookware goes from oven to table with style. Serving tip: QUICKLY move from beating the egg whites and combining the ingredients to the oven and very CAREFULLY go from oven to tabletop immediately as the egg whites and steam that cause the puffiness can easily deflate. Baked dessert custards: You'll needs a set of ramekins in a classic white fluted French design. These small glass baking dishes are for baking crème brulée, flans and custards that go from oven to table in single serve sizes. Clean-up tip: Glass can be soaked to remove burnt-on messes, so add some baking soda and soak until the mess floats!
  • Roasts: turkey, beef, pork, lamb all need the same for great roasting results: High heat, a good meat thermometer and a beautiful dependable roasting pan.

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It's not always easy or convenient for me to cook outdoors, but sometimes I really crave a grilled steak. I'm thinking of buying a grill pan for indoors. Is there any one in particular you'd recommend?

I've always wanted a cast iron pan, but the seasoning process just sound so time-consuming. Are there any low-maintenance, quality cast-iron cookware options out there for me.

I want pancakes that look and taste like the kind I get for breakfast at my local diner. Is there a griddle that can help me achieve this?

I really want an enamel cast iron Dutch oven, but I can't afford any of the brands I've seen? Is there an affordable option out there that matches the qualit of thes more expensive brands?

I have a lodge square griddle. Any suggestions for what I can use if for besides the usual breakfast foods?

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My scrambled eggs never seem to turn out right. They always seem to get overly browned. Is there anything I can do to make sure they turn out better the next time I make them?

I'm a big Emeril Lagasse fan and recently heard about Emerilware nonstick cookware. I am considering purchasing it . Can you tell me more about it?

I'd like to buy a nonstick cookware set that includes all the basics. Unfortunately, I'm on a really tight budget. What can I buy that will be decent, but also really affordable?

The last time I made tomato sauce in my aluminum nonstick pan, it didn't taste right and I think it affected the pan. What happened and is there anything I can do to prevent it?

I'm looking for nonstick cookware that looks as good as it performs. Are there any options?

I'm interested in buying some nonstick cookware that truly releases food easily. What brand would you recommend?

I've always wanted a set of All-Clad stainless stee pans, but I just don't have the budget. Are there any affordable options of similar quality out there?

I'm looking for a good-quality stainless steel cookware set that includes all the basics I'll need to set up a kitchen. What do you recommend?

I'm looking for a high performance stainless steel cookware set that includes all the basics I"ll need to set up a kitchen--and won't cost a fortune. Do you have any suggestions?

I'd like to cook more, but I am often just too tired and time-constrained when I return home. Do you have any suggestions for streamlining dinner preparation so I can put together a healthy, good tasting meal fast?

I hate waiting around for a stew or pot roast, to simmer, so I'm thinking about buying a slow cooker. Can you recommend a good one?

Sometimes I need a food processor for small jobs like chopping onions or making salad dressing. Which one do you recommend?

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I love making sitr-fries, but feel like a wok would be too limited in its use. Is there a pan out there that I can use for stir-fries and also for other types of cooking?

Is there anyting I can do so I wind up with tender meat?

I'm trying to set up my first real kitchen and I am wondering, what the difference is between a saute pan and a frying pan. Do I need both?

I'd like to buy a roaster, but am not sure which size to buy. Is there anything I should consider before purchasing?

I'm thinking about buying copper cookware, but it's a big investment. I can only purchase one piece. Is there something in particular that would be the best buy?

I'd like to add large a stockpot to my cookware collection. What should I look for?

I'd like to buy a pizza pan. What should I look for?

I'd like to make lobster, but I don't have a Lobster pot. Can I boil lobster without one?

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