Cleaning Enamel and Glass Cookware

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How do I clean glass cookware? How do I clean enamel cookware?

Cleaning Enamel and Glass Cookware

Enamel-coated cookware is beautiful, durable and has been around for generations, so the cleaning rules haven't changed. It's important to remember that both enamel-coated and glass cookware are fragile when it comes to cleaning.

Here's how to keep your cookware like new for years to come:

• Be careful. Enamel-coated and glass cookware pots and pans are fragile. They can easily chip so be careful not to bang them against each other or the sink when cleaning.

• You can soak off burnt-on messes from both kinds of cookware. Try a dryer sheet dropped on top of a thin layer of water over the burnt mess. The whole mess should lift out easily after awhile. You can also soak in baking soda and vinegar.

• Never use metal utensils as they will scratch, mar and chip these delicate surfaces.

• Be sure to dry off completely to avoid hard water spots and stains.

• Always follow these tips for any lids that are glass or enamel-coated, as well.

• Dishwashing is not recommended for glass or enamel cookware because the movement can cause breakage.

• Oven-cleaner can be used on enamel-coated cookware for dried, burnt messes as it mimics the interior of your oven.



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