Cleaning Shiny Aluminum Cookware

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How do I clean my shiny Aluminum cookware; How do I keep Aluminum cookware shiny?

Cleaning Shiny Aluminum Cookware

Although shiny aluminum is some of the most beautiful cookware with its super reflective, brilliant surface, you should be careful when cleaning it.

One thing all aluminum cookware shares in common is they are not dishwasher safe: Extremely hot water temperatures combined with harsh chemicals and bleach may discolor aluminum and anodized finishes. Also, never use steel wool, alcohol, abrasive cleaners, bleach oven cleaners or metal implements to scrape any aluminum cookware. Here are some other tips for keeping your pots and pans shiny:

• Use non-abrasive cleansers and a soft brush or nylon scrubbing pads on brushed or shiny aluminum surfaces. Always scrub, brush or polish with the grain of the metal.

• Use hot soapy water immediately after cooking to deter foods from sticking.

• Soak in baking soda or boil to clean burnt pans.

• Dry all cookware right away to avoid hard water stains.

• Watch your cooking temperatures. While these types of pots and pans have excellent heat conduction, they have no non-stick properties.



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