The Basic Pieces in a Cookware Set

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What pieces are included in a cookware set?

The Basic Pieces in a Cookware Set

Any cookware set will always include the basics. These are the essential pots and pans you need on a daily basis to cook most meals. Larger c ookware sets include many more different pieces. This way, you can choose from a basic 7-piece cookware set all the way to a full 15-piece cookware set. You can get even more extra pieces if you wait for a special cookware set sale or other promotion. Here's a description of the basic pieces you may find in a set, as well as what cooking techniques they provide:

Large spaghetti pot or stock pot: This two-handled pot is great for cooking large amounts of pasta, stews and soups. Sometimes a spaghetti strainer or a vegetable steamer that fits in the pot will also be included.

Medium saucepan: This is the most versatile pot for cooking sauces, vegetables and rice, as well as for heating up leftovers.

Small saucepan: Sometimes called a butter warmer, this small pot is great for cooking small amounts of liquids (one quart or less).

Large sauté pan: This type of cooking pan has higher, straighter sides than a large frying pan. This pan is suitable for cooking whole meals and even stir-frying.

Large frying pan: With its angled sides and shallow surface, these pans are great for cooking with oils and flipping foods.

Small frying pan or omelet pan: This is usually a non-stick pan for creating a perfect two-egg omelet.



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