Cookware Materials: Choose Non-Stick Cookware for Faster Cooking and Clean Up

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What are the benefits of non-stick cookware? Is non-stick cookware for me?

Cookware Materials: Choose Non-Stick Cookware for Faster Cooking and Clean Up

If you're a busy person and you spend less than 30 minutes cooking your dinners, non-stick cookware is for you. There's no doubt that there's less room for error when you cook in a non-stick pan because food hardly ever burns. And, if it does, you can easily soak it right off very quickly without scraping or using harsh detergents. This type of cookware also requires less cooking oils to achieve the same effect, so for people on special low-fat diets, this can be a great option. However, non-stick cookware can be a little more fragile than other types of cookware as you have to be careful about utensils. You'll need a separate set of plastic and wooden utensils for use with your non-stick cookware.

The benefits of owning non-stick cookware:

• Less chance of a burnt dinner.

• Easy clean up. A quick suds, wipe and rinse is usually all it takes. Non-stick pot and pans do NOT go in the dishwasher, however.

• Black exterior shows no stains so cookware always looks great.

• Use less cooking oil.

Non-stick cookware is great for cooks who:

• Are on a budget. There are many cookware sets to choose from at every price level and you can find non-stick discount cookware sets easily.

• Lead busy lives. Large, young families, quick meals, and hectic schedules are the hallmarks of this cook.

• Are on a low-fat diet.

• Hate burning dinner more than anything!

• Want clean-up to be a snap!



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