Special Cookware Sets: Waterless Cookware for Healthier Cooking and Eating

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What are the benefits of waterless cookware? Is waterless cookware for me?

Special Cookware Sets: Waterless Cookware for Healthier Cooking and Eating

Did you ever wonder what's in the green water that's left over after you boil or steam broccoli? It's all the nutrients that have leached out of the vegetable. If you're concerned about keeping the nutrients in your food, instead of tossing them down the drain, then waterless cooking might be for you. It's a whole different cooking technique and each waterless cookware set requires you to follow the manufacturer's directions to achieve the best results. With waterless cookware sets, you add all the ingredients, a specified tiny amount of water, then the pot tells you what to do. The heat never goes above medium and most of the cooking is done on a low heat simmer so food never burns! Plus, most sets are made from easy-care stainless steel. Some waterless cookware sets are made from 304 surgical stainless steel which is the shiniest, toughest stainless steel there is in cookware.

Benefits of waterless cookware:

*Keeps nutrients in the food!

*Easy clean up

*The actual cooking is almost on auto-pilot, so there's no burnt messes.

Waterless cookware is great for cooks who:

• Are more concerned about nutrition than cooking

• Don't like to labor over hot pots and pans.

• Like easy clean up.

• Have fun trying new techniques.

• Have enough space for extra pans and pans



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