Cooking Materials: Choose Enameled Cast Iron for Ethnic Quality and Ageless Beauty

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What are the benefits of enamel cookware? Is enamel cookware for me?

Cooking Materials: Choose Enameled Cast Iron for Ethnic Quality and Ageless Beauty

Remember the look of those old red Spanish stew pots or paella pots? Now you can get entire cookware sets, in a variety of fun kitchen colors, including red! It's still the same heavy cookware, although long ago it might have been earthenware. Now it's cast iron with a state-of-the-art coating of beautiful, durable, colorful enamel. This way you get all the cooking benefits of cast iron without the care problems of seasoning and rusting. Plus, you get a heavy, tight-fitting set of lids to seal in flavors and steam while cooking on lower temperatures.

Benefits of enamel cookware:

• Beauty. This is a timeless kitchen look you can match to many color schemes.

• Heavy cast-iron reduces cooking temperatures so there is little or no-stick.

• Retains heat longer while serving food, so food stays warm.

• Cookware can go from stove to oven.

Enamel cookware is great for cooks who:

• Love age-old cooking techniques.

• Have time to be careful with the enamel finish. Care needs to be taken upon washing so cookware is not banged or dropped.

• Can lift heavy cookware with one hand.

• Love to decorate with their cookware.



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