Cookware Materials: Choose Glass Cookware If You Love the Look

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What are the benefits of glass cookware? Is glass cookware for me?

Cookware Materials: Choose Glass Cookware If You Love the Look

Glass cookware is fun to watch when boiling vegetables, even though everybody knows a watched pot never boils! Still, few can resist peeking through glass lids, so it's great that many manufacturers create cookware sets featuring glass lids no matter what the rest of the cookware is made of. Usually, you can find small glass cookware sets that include a large pasta pot and a smaller vegetable pot, a glass double boiler, a large glass dutch oven for one-pot dinners and an assortment of glass baking dishes.

Benefits of glass cookware:

• You can watch your progress as you cook.

• Most pots and pans, including the handles, are all glass so they can go easily from stove-top to oven to table.

• Glass pots and pans are beautiful accessories to add to your other cookware.

Glass cookware is for cooks who:

• Like to collect a lot of different pieces of cookware.

• Are careful cooks who always have a pot-holder handy. Glass handles get extremely hot!

• Like to cook and serve all in the same vessel.

• Are careful with utensils. Metal utensils and scrubbers will scratch glass surfaces.



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