Cookware Materials: Choose Cast Iron for its Solid Look and Feel

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What are the benefits of cast iron? Is cast iron cookware for me?

Cookware Materials: Choose Cast Iron for its Solid Look and Feel

Cast iron has a solid, heavy feel that has withstood the test of time when it comes to cooking. In the past, iron was a readily available resource cast into pots and pans that was virtually indestructible. The cookware could also do double-duty as a weapon! Now, a cast iron cookware set is forged to perfection, sometimes left raw for you to season, sometimes coated with state-of-the art colored enamels. Either way, there are proven benefits to investing in a cast iron cookware set.

Benefits of cast iron cookware:

• Heavy pots stay put on the stove. Provide superior heat distribution.

• Heavy lids, sealing steam and juices for lower cooking temperatures.

• If seasoned, the surface has non-stick properties that lower your chances of a burnt-on mess.

• Do not have to be washed with soap and water if used properly.

Cast iron cookware is for cooks who:

• Love the heavy feel and solid old-fashioned look.

• Like to show off their country kitchen!

• Don't mind the seasoning technique.



5/20/2015 2:30:45 PM
Abhi said:

Absolutely! Cast iron is the best. You can clean it with a sandblaster if you want to, and it heats very evenly. You also get a good workout by lifting the cookware. Lots of people buy cast iron, and then decide to go with cookware that is lighter and prettier, making used cookware extremely inexpensive.


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