For Casseroles And So Much More

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I'd like to start a basic Le Creuset collection. What are some of the pieces you'd recommend?

For Casseroles And So Much More

If you're debating on which Le Creuset pieces to invest in, consider the buffet casserole. Somewhat of a cross between a Dutch oven and a heavy skillet, it's one of the most versatile items in Le Creuset's cookware line. The wide, shallow surface area of the Le Creuset casserole makes it perfect for recipes that require browning, and then, slow simmering in a sauce, like chicken cacciatore. For rice that stays moist, try the Le Creuset casserole next time you make paella, or for other skillet dishes like jambalaya and beef stroganoff. Or use it to make a frittata, deep dish pizza, macaroni and cheese, fruit cobbler or even pineapple upside-down cake. Let your imagination run wild. Of course, if you have a sudden craving for tuna casserole, it's great for that too!



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