Some Heavy Reassurance

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I'd love to buy a Le Creuset pan, but I know it will be heavy. I am fairly petite. Will I be able to safely carry one of these pans?

Some Heavy Reassurance

Le Creuset pans combine the best features of cast-iron and porcelain enamel. Cast iron lends its heat retention properties and durability, while porcelain enamel provides an attractive, non-reactive surface that is easy to clean and requires no seasoning. The pans, however, are heavy, thanks to all that cast-iron, and for this reason, you may hesitate to purchase one. You can rest easy. Le Creuset cookware features ergonomic handles to ensure safe lifting. Besides, once you make a stew with one of these pans, which slowly cook even the toughest cuts of meat into submission, you'll
wonder why you ever thought twice about it.



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