Use A Wok For Healthier Eating

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What are the benefits of wok cooking?

Use A Wok For Healthier Eating

Since cooking with a wok requires very little oil and very little cooking time, food is not infused with fats and it retains much of the natural nutrients. For people on a low-fat diet, this is an excellent cooking technique to adopt on a regular basis. For busy families, it's fast because ingredients can be diced up earlier and thrown together in the wok in a flash! From Chinese noodles to seaweed, to sesame seeds and peanuts, to rice paper and more, there's an endless supply of new ingredients and techniques to tempt more advanced cooks.

Why a wok, you ask? You could just stir-fry in a frying pan, but the food might fall all over the sides as you flip it. Or you could try a sauté pan but food may get stuck in the corners. Its definitely easier to achieve the stir-frying effect in the convex, rounded shape of the wok. Here are some of the benefits of using a wok:

• Low-fat meals.

• New tastes and techniques for adventurous cooks.

• Might get kids to eat their veggies! They love diced veggies as opposed to the whole ones.

• Fast meals from prep to the table.

• One-pot; clean-up's a snap!



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