Bakeware: Just The Basics

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What are the basic bakeware supplies?

Bakeware: Just The Basics

If you love to bake, you'll have fun investing in quality kitchen bakeware for creating all your goodies! Even if you don't love to bake, there are some necessities all cooks need in the kitchen. You'll find these basics at the top of many bride's registry lists as she attempts to build her kitchen. To give a really great gift, look for these basic bakeware supplies from brands like Kitchenaid, Calphalon and Pyrex or try to match the finish of the cookware with the bride's colors in her home.

• Glass baking dishes: A necessity for making lasagnas and zitis, bread puddings and baked dinners of all types. These dishes are rectangular and come in 8”x10” or 9”x13” sizes. This is also your basic brownie pan. A smaller, square baking dish is useful for smaller portions of the above uses, as well as small cake recipes like banana or rhubarb cake. Some baked dips can also be created in this glass bakeware dish.

• Round layer cake pans or a sheet cake pan: This will usually be aluminum or a dark non-stick bakeware coating. You'll need two of these if you like to make cakes, even from a mix!

• Glass pie dish: A staple for Thanksgiving baking! Some cooks swear by a metal pie pan for crispier pastry, but it's your choice.

• Loaf pan: Choose from glass, metal or non-stick metal. You'll need this loaf pan for making quick breads and meat loaf.

• Cookie sheet: The basic for baking cookies. Buy the largest one that will fit your oven. Choose a sturdy, flat sheet. Shopping tip: Look for new silicone, flexible bakeware with sturdy metal handles by Calphalon bakeware. You'll need silicone baking utensils to go with it!

• Cooling rack: A must for anything you bake because cakes always need to be cooled before they are frosted and cookies need to cool before you eat them!



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