Bakeware Supplies You Need To Measure Up

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What are the basic measuring tools in the kitchen

Bakeware Supplies You Need To Measure Up

Measuring tools may be small in relation to all bakeware pans, but without them, trying to bake is useless! Since successful baking depends on following recipes exactly, you'll need a quality set of measuring tools to do the job. Measuring for successful baking is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Use a glass measuring cup with a spout for measuring and pouring the liquid ingredients. Pyrex bakeware is one brand that's been around since the mid-20th century and still remains a staple today. A glass, 4-cup measuring cup is ideal because it can take the heat, it's easy to see and is sturdy enough to handle four cups of water which may cause a plastic measuring cup to feel flimsy. Look for a cup that displays both metric and U.S. measurements. Hot liquids tip: Place a metal spoon in the glass cup to absorb the heat from the liquid so glass won't crack under pressure.

2. Invest in a stainless steel set of measuring cups for measuring dry ingredients. Stainless steel is easy to keep looking clean and has easy-to-read measurements, whereas plastic measurements can rub-off or blend in. Glass measuring cups can chip too easily against other containers when scooping dry ingredients. They can also become damaged in the sink because they are small and hard to see in a loaded sink. Shopping tip: Choose a set that separates enough to easily scoop ingredients from the storage jar.

3. Always keep a stainless steel set of measuring spoons. This is essential for following recipes exactly. Shopping tip: Get one that includes “dash” and “pinch.” Until you are an experienced cook to know how much those measurements are, having the spoon for it can be handy because classic cookbooks will very often call for a “dash” of this or a “pinch” of that.



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