Bakeware For Great Oven Dinners

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What bakeware do I need for oven dinners?

Bakeware For Great Oven Dinners

Every cook needs to have some additional bakeware supplies for roasting meats or baking everyday dinners, like roast chicken, as well as for special occasions, like Thanksgiving! Here are some other great bakeware supplies for getting the most out of oven-cooking:

• A great-roasting pan: A staple in every cook's kitchen, choose gleaming stainless steel from All-Clad, long-lasting hard-anodized aluminum from Calphalon One, great-looking classics in enameled cast-iron from colorful Le Creuset and non-stick from ScanPan. Gift tip: Get one for a bride that matches her cookware materials. If you know she likes to decorate with her cookware, then go colorful!

• A meat thermometer: Classic dial read-out or the newest digital-read thermometers are a necessity for perfect roasting success. The same basic rules apply no matter which type you choose: Insert the thermometer probe down to the thickest part of the meat. If the gauge is attached to the base of the probe, insert it at the time of cooking. For poultry, cook to a temperature of 185 degrees F.; for beef cooked medium, roast to a temperature of 160 degrees F.

• A kitchen timer: A basic in every kitchen, the newest timers match kitchen appliance decors so they look great on the counter top or stove. Look for black, white and stainless steel.

• A dutch oven: The perfect casserole dish for one-dish dinners: Choose clear glass from Pyrex or classic, fluted white ceramic by Apilco. Match a hard-anodized aluminum dutch oven to cookware by Calphalon One. Cast iron is a classic choice or go colorful with Le Creuset enameled cast-iron. Cookware tip: You can tell it's a dutch oven because it always comes with a tight-fitting matching lid!

• A proper set of potholders: Often overlooked, but you can't stick your hands in the oven without them, pot holders should always be high enough on the arms to avoid burning forearms. They should contain many layers of flame-resistant material to protect skin from heat. New pot holder materials include silicone (in great colors) and suede.



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