Steel Yourself For This Cookware Set

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I'm interested in buying a Scanpan, but am not a big fan of nonstick cookware. I also happen to have an induction range. Do they offer any other lines?

Steel Yourself For This Cookware Set

If you're a fan of All-Clad, but don't have the budget, check out Scanpan Fusion 5 Stainless Steel cookware. It features a 3-layer aluminum and alloy core that extends all the way to the rim. This means heat-distribution is enhanced up the sides of the pan, not just at the bottom, as with typical stainless-steel pans, which have this core only at their base. Polished, high-quality stainless-steel covers both the interior and exterior. Though not non-stick in the strictest sense, just wipe a bit of oil on a Scanpan Fusion pan while its hot and food releases easily. This line is suitable for use with an induction range and you can expect the same elegant Danish craftsmanship that is the hallmark of all Scanpan cookware.



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