A Tip That'll Stick (But Not A Pan)

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I like the concept on non-stick but I keep having to buy a new pan every year or two because the coating wears off. Are there any non-stick pans out there that actually work well, are eas and are durable?

A Tip That'll Stick (But Not A Pan)

Most standard nonstick cookware requires vigilant care: You must use nylon, plastic or wooden utensils to avoid nicking or scratching the surface. To prevent warping, you must use low or medium heat. Inevitably, the nonstick coating wears off and you wind up having to spring for a new pan every year or two. The next time that happens, consider trying a Scanpan. This groundbreaking line of cookware features a patented ceramic-titanium, permanently-bonded nonstick surface, created by firing a ceramic-titanium compound into the pan at 36,000° F at twice the speed of sound. There is no tool in the kitchen that is harder than this, which means you can safely use metal utensils. You can also use high heat. Best of all, Scanpans come with a lifetime guarantee.



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