A Grill That Thrills

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It's not always easy or convenient for me to cook outdoors, but sometimes I really crave a grilled steak. I'm thinking of buying a grill pan for indoors. Is there any one in particular you'd recommend?

A Grill That Thrills

Have you ever had a sudden desire to grill in the winter? Indulge yourself with a Lodge Grill Pan. From the outside, it looks just like a regular cast iron pan. However, the interior cooking surface is ridged, which elevates meat, fish, chicken or vegetables so any excess fat drips below. While saving calories, these ridges do triple duty, promoting browning by preventing escaping liquids from contacting meat and searing restaurant-style grill marks onto your food. Meanwhile, the grease accumulating on the bottom of the pan continues to cook under and away from your steak, giving it a hint of smoke that's as close as you're going to get to charcoal flavor indoors. So go ahead and grill. So what if it's snowing? Thanks to your Lodge Grill Pan, you can still enjoy a little taste of summer.



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