You'll Flip For This Griddle

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I want pancakes that look and taste like the kind I get for breakfast at my local diner. Is there a griddle that can help me achieve this?

You'll Flip For This Griddle

Why is it that the pancakes you order at your local diner are always so light and fluffy? Maybe it's the pan you're using. Next time, try a Lodge Round Griddle. Since it's made from cast-iron, it heats evenly so your pancakes turn a perfect golden brown and cook all the way through — no more blueberry pancakes with a burnt exterior and undercooked interior. Seasoned and cleaned properly properly, a Lodge Round Griddle is virtually nonstick so batter won't adhere to the pan. Its circular shape fits perfectly on a single burner and the low sides make it easy to flip pancakes over with a spatula.



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