You'll React Well To Lodge Cookware

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I really want an enamel cast iron Dutch oven, but I can't afford any of the brands I've seen? Is there an affordable option out there that matches the qualit of thes more expensive brands?

You'll React Well To Lodge Cookware

Looking for wallet-friendly cast-iron cookware? Check out Lodge cookware. Lodge produces an extensive line of cast-iron cookware on the market including skillets, grill pans, Dutch ovens, fry pans, biscuit pans, and more. Need more convincing? Fine Cooking recently named the Lodge Enamel cookware's 5 Quart Dutch oven the overall best among several leaders in the category. This cooking magazine called the Lodge cookware “well-designed,” and commented that, “the graceful loop handle feels great in hand and stays cool on the stovetop." Here are some great techniques to help you care for your Lodge cast-iron cookware:

  • After each cooking use, clean the cookware with hot water. Avoid harsh detergents.
  • Do not place a hot utensil in cold water - thermal shock can cause the cast-iron to crack or warp.
  • Immediately towel dry the cookware, and while still warm, lightly coat all surfaces with oil or cooking spray.
  • Never wash cast-iron cookware in a dishwasher.
  • Store cookware in a cool, dry place. To allow air to circulate, place a folded paper towel between the lids and the pot and pans.
  • At the first sign of rust or a metallic taste, simply scrub off the rust and wash the cookware with mild soap and hot water, then season with oil.



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