Machine Processors: The Workhorses Of The Kitchen

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What are the necessary processing machines I need in my kitchen?

Machine Processors: The Workhorses Of The Kitchen

When there's a big job to be done, out come the machines! Need to shred enough potatoes for five to 10 people? Making pesto for a large pasta dinner? These are the perfect jobs for the food processor. A slicing and dicing job that might take you hours, the food processor can do in five minutes! Invest in quality equipment from trusted brands because they are time-savers when it comes to ingredient preparation and they will ensure successful cooking results.

The same goes for a high quality standing mixer if you love to bake. With attachments made from stainless steel, it is the perfect tool for stirring, mixing, whipping and fluffing.

Another standby is the blender, which you need in order to make frozen drinks for all your friends whether it's a pool party for 20 or dinner party for five. A high quality blender can also create easy purees and soups in a flash.

Think carefully about whether you will use any of these appliances and only invest in the best quality of the ones you'll use. This is more cost-efficient than cluttering up your counters and cabinets with a lot of cheap machines you'll never use. If a bride has one of these power tools on her registry, choose it as your gift to her. She will use it regularly and think of you!

Some other machines to make kitchen life easier:

• The mini-chop: this small chopper is great for chopping up garlic, onions and herbs and mixing them with small amounts of liquids to make simple, quick marinades or dry herb rubs for meats and fish.

• Hand-held mixer: great for mixing cake batter from a box or whipping a small amount of whipped cream or mashed potatoes.

• Hand-held blender: perfect for one-cup smoothies, making purees and homemade sauces. The immersion blenders handle, hot and cold temperatures with a stainless steel easy-to-clean blade.



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