Gadgets: All the Gizmos That Make Cooking Easier

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What gadgets do all cooks need?

Gadgets: All the Gizmos That Make Cooking Easier

High-quality gadgets make great gifts because they serve an immediate purpose in a new cook's kitchen and they will stand the test of time. Cheap versions of these products will not only clutter up counters and cabinets with useless stuff, but they won't provide useful results and may even break down sooner.You might find these items on a bride's gift registry along with the larger cooking utensils, pots and pans and crystal bowls.You'll want to be the one who gives the gift that the cook still uses 12 years later and thinks of you!

Of course, every new cook needs a high quality corkscrew she can depend on every New Year's Eve, as well as for Friday night wine at dinner. Every cook needs a pizza wheel for home-made pizzas and a hand-held can-opener (just in case the electric one breaks down). You may find all sorts of gadgets and gizmos you've never heard of on the “I want” lists that brides can create at online stores.

Look for bottle openers, apple corers, cherry pitters, pineapple slicers, digital instant meat thermometers, hands-free pot stirrers, ice cream makers, batter dispensers, turkey lifters, food mills, food savers and wrappers of all types, meat smokers and any of the myriad choices that could be a really great gift.



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