All-Clad Metalcrafters Teach Us A Lesson

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What makes All-Clad cookware such a premium brand?

All-Clad Metalcrafters Teach Us A Lesson

Bonding metals in specific proportions to achieve properties no metal could achieve alone, All-Clad turned the cookware industry on its head. For more than 30 years the bonding or cladding process has been refined over and over again, resulting in many combinations of metal that produce some of the finest cookware ever used. These cladding process is now so popular that the U.S. mint even made a conversion from solid silver coins to the bonded, cladded metals used today, as you can see when you look at a quarter from it's side view.

The new All-Clad cookware was first offered to professional chefs and gourmets who appreciated its superior heating properties and long-lasting durability in classic stainless steel. Now it's updated, with a brushed aluminum alloy exterior in the All-Clad MC2 line and features a hard-anodized aluminum black finish in the All-Clad LTD line. Consider the All-Clad line if you prefer cookware that is hand inspected during every layer of the cladding process, has specially formulated metals for both heat delivery and reliability, and comes with a lifetime warranty.



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