The Secrets To Success In The Kitchen

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what are the secrets of success in the kitchen?

The Secrets To Success In The Kitchen

The basic, common sense principles of cooking are most often overlooked by busy cooks. For example, i f you substitute ingredients or don't measure properly, you can't expect gourmet results! Expert chefs are careful when they cook and no detail of the preparation escapes them and neither do high ingredient standards. If you've ever watched a cooking show, you'll notice that the ingredients look fresh and gorgeous, they are exactly measured out and ready to add to the dish. If you follow these secrets of success in the kitchen every time, you'll be surprised at what a great cook you can become, especially if you use All-Clad LTD cookware! All-Clad LTD cookware has a matte finish made of hard-anodized aluminum that will not scratch, chip or peel, while the interior of stainless steel provides worry-free use (safe with metal utensils) and easy clean-up. If you're going to invest in good quality All-Clad cookware, you should take care to use the best techniques when cooking.
1. Always use high-quality ingredients, the freshest and best you can afford. Shopping tip: a top round cut of meat will always produce a tender grill, roast or stir-fry whereas a bottom round cut will only get tender as a pot roast through slow cooking.

2.Follow the recipe. Unless you are an experienced cook who knows when you can leave out an ingredient or adjust steps and cooking times, don't try it. It's a recipe for failure. Recipe for success: measure everything exactly as stated in the recipe and follow the steps in the proper order.

3.Use the right tool for the job. Cookbooks don't always tell you what pots and pans to use, so be sure to educate yourself by reading classic cookbooks which explain cooking techniques with particular pots and pans. Cooking tip: Watch cooking shows to see what pans the chefs use and how they handle it!



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