What's In A 27-Piece Cookware Set?

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What cookware set is right for me?

What's In A 27-Piece Cookware Set?

Everything, but the kitchen sink is in a 27-piece cookware set! If you're just starting out and have not one pot or pan to call your own, a set can build a kitchen in one easy step. Large cookware sets often contain more than just cookware.

The largest set (totaling 27 pieces from Wolfgang Puck's Bistro Signature Series) contains a full set of tools and cooking utensils, plus a matching canister, essential bakeware pieces, stockpots with colander lids, steamer inserts and saucepans with pourable spouts. Plus, every necessary Wolfgang Puck cookware pan is included, like a small and large saucepan, a Windsor pan for heating liquids, two stock pots large and small, the perfect omelet pan, a large sauté pan and a fry pan. To decide if a set is right for you, follow these three easy steps and voila … instant kitchen!

  1. Take a trip to the store and look for brands with a style you like. Pick up the cookware, feel it and look it over. Compare prices among the brands you like.
  2. Go online and search for cookware product reviews. Look for clues about its quality, durability and what's included in the different sets.
  3. Use the Internet to compare prices, look for specials and discounts. This is the easiest way to find the best price for the set you want. Shopping tip: Look for free shipping specials because cookware can be heavy and shipping charges can add up.



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