Who Says Beauty Needs To Come From Within?

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I'm looking for nonstick cookware that looks as good as it performs. Are there any options?

Who Says Beauty Needs To Come From Within?

If you want your pots and pans to look as good they perform, consider Calphalon Contemporary nonstick cookware. With their sleek lines and graceful curved silhouettes, these are pots and pans you won't want to hide in the kitchen. They can be used as serving
pieces at the dinner table. Calphalon Contemporary nonstick cookware is functional, too. Many of the pieces feature two stay-cool
looped handles so they can easily go straight from the stovetop to the oven. Constructed from heavy-gauge hard-anodized aluminum, these nonstick pots and pans heat food uniformly, sear quickly and brown beautifully. Thanks to an exclusive nonstick coating, they maintain their food-release qualities over time and are so durable, they come with a lifetime guarantee.



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