Cookware Pressure You Can Take

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I'd like to cook more, but I am often just too tired and time-constrained when I return home. Do you have any suggestions for streamlining dinner preparation so I can put together a healthy, good tasting meal fast?

Cookware Pressure You Can Take

No time to make dinner? Check out the Cuisinart pressure cooker. You'll have a meal on the table up to 70 percent faster than with using the stovetop or oven. Steam trapped inside builds up pressure that creates warmer temperatures for quicker cooking, while keeping food moist. Food cooks up healthier too, thanks to a super-tight seal that locks in vitamins and minerals, preventing them from boiling away. It features controls for either high or low pressure, plus settings for browning, simmering and sautéing to create quick and easy one-dish meals like soup, stew or chili. But don't limit yourself. The Cuisinart pressure cooker simplifies the preparation of roasts, short-ribs, vegetables and even cheesecake and custards. For safety, pressure will not build until the cooker is fully locked and it can't be opened until the inside pressure drops to zero. To make things even easier, the removable cooking pot is non-stick and dishwasher safe.



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