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How do I clean my cast iron outdoor cookware?

Caring For Cast Iron Outdoors

Taking care of your cast iron outdoor cookware is essentially the same as maintaining it in your indoor kitchen. In fact, it may be easier. Since washing with soap is not recommended for cast iron (you want to keep the surfaces seasoned), you can quickly clean up after your outdoor cooking with some hot water and a good wipe down. If only cleaning grubby camp clothes was that easy!

What is hard anodized cookware?

Hard Anodized Cookware

GSI outdoor pan tips: What is Hard Anodizing? It is a process alters and hardens the structure of an aluminum cookware surface, making it incredibly abrasion resistant. If done properly, an anodized surface can be twice as hard as stainless steel. This gives you the best attributes of a very hard surface treatment with the quick, even heat transfer of aluminum The process seals the aluminum, preventing any direct contact between the core and food.

Who makes outdoor cooking equipment?

GSI Outdoors: Masters of Outdoor Cooking

GSI Outdoors is perhaps the most trusted name in camp cookware. They provide consumers with the largest selection of outdoor culinary products available, with a concentration on cookware. Of course when you are camping quality cookware is important, but so are functionality, convenience, and durability. GSI offers all these and more, making your outdoor cooking experience a culinary adventure!

What should I bring on a camping trip if I plan to cook?

Camping Cookware Basics

If you are planning a camping trip that will involve outdoor preparation of food, you'll need to know a few things about camp cookware. You can cook over an open fire, and that will involve a grill to set up over the flames. Without campfires, you can rely on propane burners. Either way, you will need a sturdy pot (at least one) and/or a griddle, depending on what you are planning to cook. Also, cooking utensils like knives, spoons, spatulas are essential. Many manufacturers of camping cookware have also designed their products for easy travel, making your camping mealtime less of a hassle.

What GSI cookware is right for me?

Three Levels of GSI Cookware

GSI cookware is available for all levels of campers and outdoor chefs. There are three distinct series of cookware to meet your particular needs. Hard Anodized Extreme Cookware is considered the "finest" outdoor cookware, and that won the Backpacker Magazine's Editors' Choice Award for 2001. Bugaboo Teflon Cookware is lightweight non-stick aluminum, and the Glacier Stainless Steel Cookware is rugged, durable, and economical.

What do I need to cook outdoors?

Outdoor Cooking: Not Just BBQs

Cooking isn't just for indoors, and outdoor cooking does not only include summertime BBQs! There is an old saying that food tastes better when it's cooked outside. Lucky for believers of that saying, there is a whole line of outdoor cookware designed for the best of cooking under a big sky. From ovens to mess kits to utensils, you'll never be without the proper tools. Many of the items are designed for camping convenience as well, meaning they are lightweight and easy to clean, pack, and store.

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