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What are some of the newest All-Clad cookware pieces?

New Additions To The All-Clad Cookware Family

As recipes evolve and exotic cooking takes over, manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon to offer new additions to their cookware family. Here are some of the newest cooking accessories and some even come with recipes to help you learn how to use them in your kitchen:

  • All-Clad Tagine: it's bonded multi-ply stainless steel pan complements the glazed cone that returns moisture to the foods for blending flavors in this traditional Moroccan cooking technique that takes place on the stovetop.
  • All-Clad Pizza Stone set: a must-have for pizza aficionados. It provides superior heat conduction for the thinnest, crispiest crust. It's also easy to handle, which makes slicing easier.
  • 6.5 quart electric All-Clad slow-cooker: with busy lives and busy wives, slow cooking is making a come back. Make classic stews and sauces for family feel-good meals. Complements your All-Clad cookware with it's shiny stainless steel exterior. The All-Clad slow cooker comes with a programmable timer, recipes and ceramic insert for slow-cooking the traditional way.
  • Porcelain Bakers: in classic, white ceramic with stainless steel handles, these bakers go from oven to table on a gorgeous stainless steel stand. Serve baked pastas, casseroles and baked desserts from these beauties.
  • Roasting pans: one is open to reveal gleaming stainless steel, while the other is a must-have for holiday feasts. It features a non-stick coating and roasting rack.
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