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What is Scanpan Titanium cookware made of?

The Elements of Great Cookware

Did you ever wonder what goes into making really good cookware? Scanpan Titanium cookware starts with the best tradition in professional cookware: Pressure-cast aluminum. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat. Scanpan creates a heavy-duty base that is forged into shape under 200 tons of pressure. This eliminates hot spots and to create a perfectly even pan base. Their combination of raw material, pressure casting and thickness of the pan body results in even heat distribution, superior heat retention, and a perfectly flat pan base that will last a lifetime.

How can I extend non-stick coating?

Extending the Life of Non-stick coating

Using scan pans? You can extend the life of nonstick coatings by reseasoning them once in awhile. Every few months, take the empty pan and put it on the stove over high heat. After about two to three minutes, put in one or two tablespoons of peanut oil and swirl it around so it coats the inside of the pan. Turn off the heat and let the pan cool to room temperature and then wipe away the excess oil with a paper towel. Repeat the process once more to recondition the coating on your pan.

How else can I use my Scanpan wok?

Scanpan Woks Aren't Just For Stir Frying!

Scanpan Titanium non-stick cookware goes one step further with the Scanpan wok. And with a bit of creativity, you can prepare a number of dishes in this roomy pan. It's made with ceramic titanium, as are all of the pans in the line. But this Scanpan is not only ideal for cooking traditional stir fry, it's large enough for deep-frying as well. The wok also has a separate lid for steam cooking food.

What is Scanpan?

Scanpan Basics

Scanpan's line of non-stick cookware includes the most durable non-stick pans available on the market today. Unlike most non-stick pans, Scanpan cookware can handle metal utensils. Their stay-cool handles (and lid) can handle oven temperatures up to 500-degrees Fahrenheit. And if all that isn't impressive enough, even though the pans are already non-stick -- which makes cleaning much easier -- they're even dishwasher safe!

What is even heat distribution?

Even Heat Distribution

Some manufacturers produce pans with impressions designed into the exterior base in order to spread heat more evenly through the pan and prevent warpage. Bottom stamping treatments can reduce warpage slightly and marginally improve heat distribution. However, these additions are minor improvements when compared to a flat base pan of similar thickness. The primary factor in even heat dispersion and preventing warpage is the pan's thickness. Burning hot spots and warpage occur when a pan becomes overheated. Any pan, regardless of bottom impressions, will not distribute heat or reduce warpage as well as a pan with a heavier gauge.

Are any cooking products made with ceramic-titanium?

New Technology For Scanpan

Scan pan cookware is not comparable to traditional non-stick pans. Their Classic "New Tek" offers ceramic-titanium technology, a step above even titanium cookware. The ceramic-titanic combination allows for even heating (no hot spots), superior heat retention and no warping. Like all Scanpan products, the pans are dishwasher safe and can also be easily cleaned using warm soapy water and a brush or sponge.

What is hard anodized cookware?

Hard Anodized Cookware Tips

Hard anodized nonstick pans should never be put in an automatic dishwasher. These pans can benefit from periodically wiping the nonstick surface with cooking oil. If you have food that is really burnt and stuck to the bottom of my pan, partially fill the pan with a mild solution of vinegar and water and bring to a boil to dislodge food particles.

Are cookware companies environmentally friendly?

Scanpan: An Eco-friendly Company

Just about to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, Scanpan is the largest Danish manufacturer of aluminum cookware. The company marries Danish design standard with respect for the environment by reducing the amount of energy and raw materials needed in production. This minimizes waste. They're also very vigilant about carrying out regular emission checks. So, if you're looking for an earth-friendly cookware company, Scanpan is the one for you!

What are some features of Scanpan copper cookware?

The Convenience of Scanpan Copperware

If you're looking for quality cookware, Scanpan copper cookware offers a great line. Their Fusion CS 5 features Danish design elegance, polished to a mirror finish. What is really superior is the five-ply sandwich construction that provides rapid, even heat distribution and superior heat retention. Extra-thick 3 mm sidewalls give maximum durability. And additional plus is that the pans have capacity markings inside for quick and easy measurements.

I'm interested in buying a Scanpan, but am not a big fan of nonstick cookware. I also happen to have an induction range. Do they offer any other lines?

Steel Yourself For This Cookware Set

If you're a fan of All-Clad, but don't have the budget, check out Scanpan Fusion 5 Stainless Steel cookware. It features a 3-layer aluminum and alloy core that extends all the way to the rim. This means heat-distribution is enhanced up the sides of the pan, not just at the bottom, as with typical stainless-steel pans, which have this core only at their base. Polished, high-quality stainless-steel covers both the interior and exterior. Though not non-stick in the strictest sense, just wipe a bit of oil on a Scanpan Fusion pan while its hot and food releases easily. This line is suitable for use with an induction range and you can expect the same elegant Danish craftsmanship that is the hallmark of all Scanpan cookware.

I love to stir-fry, but I just don't have the necessary vigilance to care for a wok. Are there any wok options out there that are easy to care for?

Wok, Don't Run to Try This Stir-Fry Pan

If you're a fan of stir-frying, but have a bit of a lazy streak when it comes to cookware maintenance, you'll love the Scanpan wok. Unlike traditionally preferred carbon steel woks, which require repeated seasoning and careful, gentle cleaning, this wok doesn't need to be seasoned and is easy-to-clean. In another one-upmanship of regular woks, the Scanpan wok may be used on both gas and electric cooktops, and boasts a unique design with a flat base with the high rounded-sides favored by Asian chefs. Its base is extra-thick for even heat conduction, allowing you to save energy by using a low or medium temperature to stir-fry. You'll save calories too, since little or no oil is needed, yet food doesn't stick.

I'm left-handed and have issues with lifting and using heavy-weight cookware. Are there any options out there with a leftie in mind?

Scanpan Accommodates Everyone -- And That's No Left-handed Compliment

If you're a leftie, you'll appreciate Scanpan Ergonomic. The cookware in this line features an ergonomically-designed, patented phenolic resin handle with a curved grip that is comfortable in both hands. The handle prevents the pan from slipping or rotating in the hand, making it easier to hold the pan level, and generally assists in lifting this professional weight cookware.

I'm on a quest fo a nonstick frying pan that truly sears and browns my food. Is there such a thing?

A Searingly Good Fry Pan

To get a good sear on steak, or brown a piece of chicken, most cooks tend to reach for a cast iron or stainless steel pan, rather than nonstick. That's because most typical nonstick cookware does not brown well due to the coating (usually Teflon), that is applied to its surface.
This creates a barrier between the metal of the pan and the food. You're reducing the heat conductivity, which means that certain foods will not brown as well, and things will take a bit longer to heat up to the proper temperature. Not so with a Scanpan fry pan. It features an extra-thick, pressure-cast aluminum base that radiates heat quickly and evenly with no hot spots, and its nonstick properties are permanently bonded onto the surface. The Scanpan fry pan sears steak beautifully. And you're left with lots of yummy, crispy caramelized bits to deglaze for a pan sauce.

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