A Searingly Good Fry Pan

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I'm on a quest fo a nonstick frying pan that truly sears and browns my food. Is there such a thing?

A Searingly Good Fry Pan

To get a good sear on steak, or brown a piece of chicken, most cooks tend to reach for a cast iron or stainless steel pan, rather than nonstick. That's because most typical nonstick cookware does not brown well due to the coating (usually Teflon), that is applied to its surface.
This creates a barrier between the metal of the pan and the food. You're reducing the heat conductivity, which means that certain foods will not brown as well, and things will take a bit longer to heat up to the proper temperature. Not so with a Scanpan fry pan. It features an extra-thick, pressure-cast aluminum base that radiates heat quickly and evenly with no hot spots, and its nonstick properties are permanently bonded onto the surface. The Scanpan fry pan sears steak beautifully. And you're left with lots of yummy, crispy caramelized bits to deglaze for a pan sauce.



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