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Overall, I love my Le Creuset pan. Last time I use it, however, my stew got dried out. Is there anything I can do to prevent that from happening again?

Sometimes It's Okay To Do Things Halfway

With a Le Creuset pan, heat not only travels through the bottom, but also up the sides. Its ability to retain heat is a big plus when compared with other pans made from aluminum or stainless steel. To take full advantage, however, it's important to know how to put your Le Creuset pan to optimum use. Always fill it at least halfway. If there's too much space at the top, your ingredients may dry out before they're cooked all the way through.

I'd love to buy a Le Creuset pan, but I know it will be heavy. I am fairly petite. Will I be able to safely carry one of these pans?

Some Heavy Reassurance

Le Creuset pans combine the best features of cast-iron and porcelain enamel. Cast iron lends its heat retention properties and durability, while porcelain enamel provides an attractive, non-reactive surface that is easy to clean and requires no seasoning. The pans, however, are heavy, thanks to all that cast-iron, and for this reason, you may hesitate to purchase one. You can rest easy. Le Creuset cookware features ergonomic handles to ensure safe lifting. Besides, once you make a stew with one of these pans, which slowly cook even the toughest cuts of meat into submission, you'll
wonder why you ever thought twice about it.

My lasagna never turns out right. Is there a pan I can use that will help me improve it?

Now That's Using Your Noodle

Mmmm, lasagna. There's no denying the deliciousness of this dish, but it can be a challenge to prepare. The noodles and filling don't always cook all the way through, and it can be tough getting the cheese topping to brown uniformly. And cleaning the greasy pan can be a hassle. Next time, try making lasagna in a Le Creuset Poterie deep dish rectangular baker. Like Le Creuset's classic cookware, hot spots are eliminated so your lasagna will bake evenly, and you'll achieve achieve a beautiful golden-brown color on top. The easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe surface will resist stains and won't absorb flavors or odors from food. The rectangular baker, which is also a great pan for enchiladas or crepes, may be used in the oven at temperatures up to 500 F, or in the microwave.

I have managed to melt my spatula on numerous occasions while cooking. Is there any alternative out there to traditional rubber spatulas?

A Tip That'll Make You (But Not Your Spatula) Melt

Have you ever uttered the words, “oops, I melted the spatula?” It happens. Regular rubber spatulas do not tolerate heat well, and have been known to melt while performing tasks like stirring scrambled eggs or mixing chocolate sauce. Not so with the Le Creuset spatula, made from heat-resistant silicone. It can withstand temperatures of up to 800 degrees without staining or shrinking. As if that weren't amazing enough, it comes in the same brilliant array of colors as Le Creuset's enameled cast-iron cookware line.

What is a good cookware gift to give?

Heirloom Cookware?

When a chef -- novice or professional -- reviews Le Creuset cookware, there is almost one consistent view: These pots and pans are collectibles every family should have. Because of their fine craftsmanship, they are coveted by those who love to cook good food. Not many cookware sets can easily transition from the stove to the table, but the elegance of Le Creuset cookware makes it possible.

Does Le Creuset make a wok?

Wokking With Le Creuset

If you like to wok, you'll love the Le Creuset wok. It's almost a work of art! Le Creuset's wok has a red enameled finish (or black matte), designed with an artist's touch. It sports a slightly curved bowl and two handles that flare out from the sides. It's made of cast iron, revered for its heat-retention property, and comes with a glass lid for sealing-in flavors. Use it for all your stir fry dishes with the added convenience of dishwasher-safe clean-up.

Why are Le Creuset pans so unique?

A Marriage Of Materials

Le Creuset has combined two very efficient materials to make their cookware. With cast iron, once the pan is hot, you only need to keep the heat on a low setting to maintain a good cooking performance. In fact, sometimes the pan can be removed from the heat leaving the food to cook in its own heat. The vitreous enamel cooking surface is completely hygienic and impervious to acids and other chemicals, which is great for hygiene. This makes it perfect for holding foods that are marinating, or for storing foods (raw or cooked) in the refrigerator or freezer.

How does Le Creuset make their cookware?

Le Creuset's Heritage

All the Le Creuset cookware is made from enameled cast iron, which has been used for cooking utensils since the Middle Ages. The Le Creuset factory in Northern France began producing cast iron in 1925 by hand-casting molten cast iron in sand molds. After casting, each mold is destroyed and the cookware is polished and sanded by hand then scrutinized for imperfections. The items are then sprayed with two separate coats of enamel and fired after each process at a temperature of 800°C. The enamel then becomes extremely hard and durable. A piece of Le Creuset Cast Iron cookware is completely unique, since much of the finishing is done by hand.

Are there any novelty-shaped pots and pans?

Fun in the Kitchen With Le Creuset

Want to add a little color to your kitchen? Why not invest in some Le Creuset pans? Many pans in the collection are available in vibrant colors like blue, red, and kiwi green. In addition, Le Creuset has an entire line of novelty-shaped casseroles like hearts, apples, bell peppers, and more!

Who makes a good soup pot?

Le Creuset's Superior Soup Pot

Everyone loves homemade soup in the cold weather. Chefs can't go wrong in choosing Le Creuset pot to cook it in. For examples, the 2 ¾-qt. soup pot measures nine inches across, while its flat bottom is only four inches, allowing you to use the small burner on your very easily. The wide surface area will speed the cooking of any soup or stock reduction. The cast iron's superior heating qualities spreads heat from this pot's base up its sides. You can also use this soup pot in the oven!

I love my Le Creuset pan, but the last time I used it, food stuck to the bottom. Is there any way to avoid that?

The Lowdown On Cooking with Le Creuset

Whenever you use new cookware, there is always the question of whether it will perform the way you expect it to. Have Le Creuset cookware? Keep this in mind:

For best results when working with Le Creuset cookware, use medium or low heat. This will help prevent food from sticking in the pan. Use high heat only for liquid-based cooking, such as boiling water or broth. For other cooking, heat pan slowly on medium heat and then reduce to low.

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