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Is pan thickness important?

Importance of Pan Thickness

Looking for nordic pan advice? Nonstick performance and durability are determined by the pan's thickness and the quality of nonstick coating. Overheating and utensil abrasion are the two factors that most affect nonstick durability. A superior coating on a thin pan makes no sense as the pan will overheat easily. The resulting "hot spots" will damage even the best nonstick coating. Therefore, pan thickness is essential to nonstick longevity.

What is the best material to bake on?

Baking with NordicWare

Most professional bakers agree that the best material for baking is aluminum. The line of NordicWare bakeware includes top-quality aluminum baking sheets. These sturdy items offer even-heating and are rust-proof. From cookie sheets to baking pans, NordicWare has a full line of aluminum bakeware as part of their Natural Bakeware collection.

What are the downsides of non stick pans?

Pitfalls of Non Stick Pans

Some nonstick pans are guaranteed for a lifetime. Though the coating might never come off, the food release quality will disappear. This is not the case with brands like Nordic Ware. Remember, the value of a nonstick pan is not in how long the coating lasts, but how long the pan continues to release food. This is not determined by the manufacturer's guarantee but by the quality of the nonstick coating and the quality of the pan.

What is hard anodized cookware?

Hard Anodized Cookware

Aluminum is the second-best heat conductor used in cookware. Make sure it is anodized or coated with stainless steel. This is a protective covering over the aluminum that prevents the aluminum from being transferred into the food being prepared.

What is a versatile brand of rangeware?

NordicWare's Rangeware Line

NordicWare cookware is some of the best you can buy for your home use. They offer a variety of pieces for rangeware that include high-sided skillets. These are great when you're frying or sautéing bulkier food items. There are also griddles and woks, which allow versatility in your menus by offering several options in cookware. All the items are non-stick, making clean-up easier than ever.

Does NordicWare make microwavable cookware?

Microwaving With NordicWare

Not many people realize that NordicWare also makes a large line of microwave cookware. Whether poaching eggs, cooking bacon, popping corn, or just reheating a dish, all the items in the NordicWare microwave line are designed to go from freezer to microwave to table. Plus, all the cookware and serving dishes are oven-safe to 400 degrees and completely dishwasher safe.

What are the downsides of non stick pans?

Ethnic Baking Dishes

When you go shopping for pots, consider buying pots without a nonstick surface. Ethnic baking dishes like Nordic Ware Cookware reflect more traditional styles of cookware, before the world of non-stick. Most of what you'll cook in a pot isn't at risk of sticking, and many recipes require the vigorous use of tools like spoons and whisks. Over time, even wooden and coated utensils will wear down a coated nonstick surface, at which point the pot should probably be replaced.

Are there novelty cake pans available?

Make The Holidays Special With NordicWare

Baking during the holidays is a long-held tradition. Nordicware cake pans offer unique ways to bring that tradition to your family. From heart-shaped cake pans for Valentine's Day or wedding celebrations to spring lamb- and Easter bunny-shaped pans, you'll never be without a cake to suit the season. Of course, NordicWare offers Santa Claus-, snowflake-, and even holiday wreath-shaped cake pans to keep your holidays fun!

What is NordicWare?

The Birthplace of the Bundt Pan

Ah, the classic Bundt pan. Ever wonder where it came from? It was created by NordicWare, a company that has provided long-lasting, quality kitchenware products since 1947. NordicWare also provides superior products and services for commercial bakeries, restaurants, food service suppliers, hotel chains, industrial coating application, and consumer houseware products. A lot of progress in nearly sixty years, and luckily much of it has trickled down to consumers who crave quality cookware.

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