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Who makes a good stand mixer?

Stand Mixers: A Must-have

Every kitchen needs a quality stand mixer. Kitchenaid offers one of the most affordable quality stand mixers for the modern kitchen. Not only do these mixers come in a variety of colors to suit the décor of your kitchen, they also offer a wide variety of attachments, depending on your cooking and/or baking needs. From fruit juicers to meat grinders, there's almost nothing a Kitchenaid stand mixer can't do!

How do I get muffins not to stick to the pan?

Muffin Pan Revolution

If you've ever had muffins stick to the pan (who hasn't?), you'll be celebrating this new Kitchenaid bakeware invention. A flexible muffin pan. In reality, it's more a of a mold that's colorful, flexible and nonstick. Made from a patented, high-gloss silicone, it's oven-safe to 500 degrees and cools very quickly after baking. With the silicone's properties, food cooks and browns evenly, which eliminates unbaked pockets or pale looking muffins. To remove muffins, just bend and flex the mold and food comes out in perfect form. Perhaps the best part is that the pan will not retain odors or flavors, and it's dishwasher-safe. You can't ask for more from a muffin pan!

What are the benefits of cooking with stainless steel?

Cooking With Stainless Steel

Cooking with stainless steel is not only effective and convenient (in terms of clean-up), but taste is never sacrificed. For example, KitchenAid Stainless cookware merges a highly polished stainless-steel interior and exterior with three layers of permanently bonded aluminum, which aids in delivering even heat distribution. Nonreactive stainless cooking surface won't discolor or impact flavor. The stainless lids fit snugly to seal in nutrients and flavors. And of course the pans are dishwasher-safe and oven-safe at any temperature.

What cookware should I use if I am a basic chef?

Kitchenaid Offers a Choice

One of the great things about KitchenAid Cookware is that tow entire lines of cookware ore offered, depending on your skill level as a chef, as well as your cooking needs. All the products are high-end, and range from the basic to the top-of-the-line, and consequently appeal to a wide range of consumers. For those who have to cook but also appreciate the benefits of quality cookware, Kitchenaid offers the Gourmet Essentials line. And for those who love to cook and want the absolute best cookware, there is the Gourmet Excellence collection.

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