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What's an easy way to master the skill of tossing food as I cook it?

Toss & Turn With Circulon

To keep food moist and tender as you cook it, it's best to toss instead of stir. Mastering this skill takes time, but there's an item in the Circulon cookware line makes things easier. The Toss & Turn pan has a unique high side of the pan, which causes tossed food to easily fall back into the pan. It works well for turning over steaks and fried eggs, for flipping pancakes, grilled sandwiches, and even sautéed mushrooms.

Is there any cookware that is functional and stylish?

Class in the Kitchen

If you're looking for exceptional non-stick cookware but still have style in mind, you may consider the Circulon Elite line. The Circulon pans in this collection offer hard-anodized non-stick surfaces with contemporary see-through lids and stylish Comfort Grip handles. It's true that the most important aspect of cooking is the food, but who says you can't have a little class in the kitchen as well?

What is Hi-Low non-stick technology?

The History of Circulon Cookware

Here's a bit of Circulon history that you may not know. Circulon, the first line of hard-anodized, non-stick cookware, was created in 1984. Its “Food Won't Stick for 10 Years” claim revolutionized non-stick cookware. Circulon was the first hard-anodized non-stick cookware in the U.S. and featured its patented Hi-Low nonstick technology, with grooves in the base of the pan which made the pans at least three times more abrasion resistant than any other non-stick cookware on the market.

What comes in a Circulon cookware set?

Buying Cookware Sets

Sometimes buying a cookware set is the most economical choice. Circulon has two options that should suit any cook's needs. A typical eight-piece Circulon cookware set includes 1- and 2-qt. covered saucepans, an 8-qt. covered stockpot, 8" open French skillet, and a 10" (3 qt.) open sauté pan. The ten-piece set offers the same, but includes a 10" open French skillet as well.

Does Circulon offer a commercial cookware set?

Commercial Cookware For The Professional Chef

If you're a professional chef, Circulon commercial cookware may be the best choice for you. Their sets offer the usual heavy gauge hard anodized aluminum for excellent heat control with extraordinary performance and durability. The nonstick exterior provides the added ease of quick and painless cleanups. You'll also get the Hi-Low wave technology surface that will outlast all other nonstick guaranteed. Tempered glass lids are self clearing so you can view the cooking process without lifting the lid, and riveted cast stainless steel handles have silicone rubber grips for improved comfort. Commercial sets include three skillets, two saucepans, a stockpot, and a covered sauté pan.

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