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What are some items in the Borgeat copper cookware line?

You Can't Beat Borgeat Copper

There are many selections in the Bourgeat copper cookware line. From saucepans to casseroles and frypans, each item offers flared that provide non-drip pouring. Cast iron handles are slow to heat up and are arched for extra leverage. Bourgeat is considered the finest copperware for a reason. And even though you may find some minor imperfections in the make of the pans (they are handmade), their performance is never compromised.

What is the Bourgeat-Matfer Group?

When Bourgeat Met Matfer

In 2001, Bourgeat merged with Matfer, creating the Matfer-Bourgeat Group. Since then, a range of more than 10,000 products is offered to catering, bakery and confectionery trades. Today, Bourgeat bakeware, cookware, and utensils remained highly respected in the restaurant and professional cooking arenas. All their products have adapted to new methods and regulations of food preparation, making their entire line state-of-the art.

What are the benefits of dimpled or textured pan interiors?

Hard Anodized Cookware

Some manufacturers of plain (not hard anodized) nonstick aluminum offer cookware with dimpled or textured interiors. Some claim the pattern or texture protects against utensil abrasion and provides extra nonstick durability. Though the small portion of the nonstick in the recessed areas might be protected, this is not sufficient to keep food from sticking in the pan once the non-protected area is removed through abrasion.

Does Bourgeat have any ethnic cookware items?

The Bourgeat Wok

If you thought Bourgeat only created standard cookware, think again! Bourgeat ethnic cookware is available as well. For example, the Bourgeat wok is part of their copperware line. They've created a 11 3/8" wok that boasts the beauty and performance Bourgeat is known for. A stir fry in this wok becomes a work of art.

Where did Bourgeat cookware come from?

The History of Bourgeat Cookware

Since its 1918 incorporation in France by Adrien Bourgeat, Bourgeat has become the leading French manufacturer of kitchen and catering equipment for professionals. Although the company began by manufacturing kitchen utensils, today Bourgeat creates and manufactures a very large range of cookware and food storage items.

What are the benefits of copper bottom cookware?

Copper Bottom Cookware

Using Bourgeat Pans: If you want heat control in your stainless steel pan, a copper bottom is better. If you want retained heat, aluminum is better, much like what you will find with Bourgeat Pans. In order to properly cook the delicate sauces of their cuisine, French chefs prefer copper pans. A copper pan gets hot very quickly and cools off very quickly. This ability to control heat quickly when cooking delicate sauces is the reason copper has always been the French chefs' choice. In fact, more copper cookware is sold in France than in any other country in the world.

Does a silkscreened design improve cooking performance?

Importance of Pan Thickness

The base of many nonstick aluminum pans has a silk-screened design to create consumer appeal. Some manufacturers claim multilayers improve cooking performance through better heat distribution. Though some colors, for example black, will absorb heat faster and in multilayers may conduct heat infinitesimally better, there is no noticeable cooking improvement. Sorry, but these claims are only "marketing hype." Remember, the primary factor in determining cooking performance is the thickness of the pan - a clear indication of high quality cookware.

What's so special about Borgeat copper pots?

The Art of Fine Cookware

Bourgeat copper pots are found in 80-percent of all the restaurants in France. In fact many claim Bourgeat is the best copperware made. The pots' copper body is 2.5mm thick and permanently bonded to a thin layer of 18/10 stainless steel. Both the insides and outsides of the pot are polished to a fine finish. The work is handcrafted in France, so when you invest in Borgeat copper, it's almost like buying a piece of art!

Are there economical Bourgeat cookware items available?

Bourgeat Does Aluminum

Bourgeat cookware is some of the best you'll find. But even a top brand like Bourgeat creates items with economy in mind. Their line of aluminum cookware is less expensive, but never sacrifices quality. All the he pots and pans have reinforced edges and aluminum handles secured with heavy-duty rivets. The body is spun for greater strength, and each pot is given a thick base, which gives the cookware rapid heat infusion and a long life.

What are the benefits of copper cookware?

Copper Cookware

The finest pots and pans are generally acknowledged to be made of copper. They wear very well, spread heat evenly, and not incidentally, tend to be the most expensive. Copper pans, for example a Bourgeat Copper Cookware, also need more maintenance than ordinary pans in order to be kept bright, and tend to be fairly heavy. Many copper pans are lined with stainless steel, which does not react to food. Stainless steel by itself makes a poor cooking pan that does not spread heat well and is prone to sticking. Copper Pans are a terrific investment or gift for anyone with a love of cooking!

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