...And Clean-up's a Snap!

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Is my Anolon cookware dishwasher-safe?

...And Clean-up's a Snap!

Love to cook, but hate to clean up afterwards? Great news! Anolon cookware offers the Anolon Titanium, the first dishwasher-safe non-stick cookware. The Titanium Composite Exterior is nonporous and easy to clean in your dishwasher using any mild automatic dishwashing gel. With clean-up convenience, now there's no excuse not to cook up something special for your family tonight!



11/20/2008 9:08:22 AM
Jeanne said:

I love my Anolon cookware. I have had my set a yr. now. The inside cleans up real well but have many stains on the outside of the pan that I cannot remove expecially from the frying pans. Please help


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