Calphalon Cooking Sets Are Great For All

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What is a good, basic cooking set to use?

Calphalon Cooking Sets Are Great For All

Got some basic cooking needs? One of the best sets on the market is a Calphalon cookware set. A classic set is usually eight pieces. Each pan can go into the oven, which adds versatility to the set. The 1-1/2-quart and 2-1/2-quart saucepans and 4-quart chef's pan with rounded sides all have lids and are perfect for making sauces, and the chef's pan is great for braising. The non-stick 8- and 10-inch omelet pans sear and sauté as well as cook omelets. Made of heavy-gauge aluminum, the pans cook without hot spots or warping. All items should be hand washed with mild detergent to ensure the integrity of the stick-resistant surface remains in tact.



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