Nonstick Utensils

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Should I use special utensils with my non stick cookware?

Nonstick Utensils

Need help choosing utensils? Most nonstick cookware is coated with Teflon or Silverstone. You should use utensils that are designed for use with nonstick coatings because if the coating becomes damaged, you can't restore it at home. In other words, no metal utensils with your nonstick cookware. Wood, plastic, or rubber are alternatives. While wood looks nice and does not melt, it is harder to keep clean. Plastic and rubber utensils need to be high quality so they don't melt or break in high heat. Check to see if they are heat-resistant. Well-made plastic and rubber utensils can be just as durable as wooden ones.



9/14/2006 10:31:12 PM
Mary S said:

I recently returned two different name brand nylon turners to a housewares store because they began to melt with normal use. What is a high quality plastic that won't melt?


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