For Beginner Cooks: Buy Only What You Need

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Do I need a large cookware set? What kind of cookware set is right for me?

For Beginner Cooks: Buy Only What You Need

A cookware set can be a beautiful thing! If you know the brand and style of cookware you want, as well as the materials and features that work best for you in your kitchen, then it's time to buy a cookware set. All cookware sets include your essential pots, pans and the lids that go with them, but some include much more. If you're a beginner, a large cookware set may be too much. Start small and remember, you don't have to buy the entire set at once unless there's an unbelievable sale in the brand you want.
Start with just the basic pieces: A large spaghetti stock pot, a regular saucepan for cooking veggies and rice or warming up soups and sauces, a small saucepan for melting and cooking small amounts of liquids or gravies, a sauté pan for everyday dinners and maybe an omelet pan for cooking small breakfasts.

Buy these basics separately to try out the different cooking materials, or try a small 7 piece cookware set to see what works for you, your cooking style and your kitchen.

Once you settle on a brand and type of cookware that works for you, build your set little by little just the way you want it, especially if budgetary constraints are an issue.

Now that you have some basic pieces and have tried different materials and styles, you can wait for a great cookware set sale in the brand and style that includes exactly what you want.



12/5/2007 6:35:04 PM
buck said:

this is a fucking lie. how are you going to cook a lot of the stuff you want to cook if you dont have the cooking will only get better if you do get all the cookware.this is a whole thing of BOOLSHIT.


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