Cookware Materials: Choose Copper Cookware for Timeless Beauty

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What are the benefits of copper cookware? Is copper cookware for me?

Cookware Materials: Choose Copper Cookware for Timeless Beauty

One thing that all copper cookware sets share in common is their unparalleled beauty in the kitchen! But what you may not know about copper is that it's known for its superior heat conduction. When it's combined with a stainless steel interior, it is both easy to cook with and makes for easier clean up. The newest technology in copper cookware is "cladding" whereby many different metals can be bonded to eachother to take advantage of the positive characteristics of each metal for cooking. The makers of All-Clad cookware offer new copper cookware sets that are just as beautiful as age-old copper pots and pans, but they are "clad" with easy-care stainless steel interiors to make cooking and clean up a snap.

The benefits of owning a copper cookware set:

  • Superior even heating reduces hot-spots and burning.
  • This materials adds warmth and beauty to the décor of your kitchen.
  • Produces a restaurant-quality cooking experience at home.
  • All-Clad, Mauviel and Ruffoni are some of the more well-known copper brands.

Copper cookware is great for cooks who:

  • Admire and support ancient techniques and original craftsmanship.
  • Take special pride in the decor of their kitchen.
  • Use care in cleaning and drying their cookware.
  • Love the look of copper!
  • Are careful, patient, avid cooks.



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