Cookware Size Matters

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I'd like to buy a round French oven from Le Creuset. However, my budget is limited and can only purchase one size. Which one should I get?

Cookware Size Matters

The Le Creuset round French Oven is one of the most useful pots in their collection. It may be used on the stove or in the oven to make soups, stews and other dishes that require slow, even cooking or braising. Le Creuset comes in multiple sizes to suit any need. To narrow your options, consider size before you buy: The 2-1/2 quart is ideal for one or two people, or rice for four people.The 3-1/2 quart accommodates two to four people. The 4-1/2 quart is good for for three to six people. The best part about the Le Creuset line is you can always add more pieces as you go.

The Le Creuset Round French Oven is the core cookware piece for a well-equipped kitchen. With this French oven, you can go from the refrigerator to the oven and onto the table with ease and style. Round French Ovens are ideal for simmering, marinating, poaching, braising, and browning. Use your imagination to come up with fabulous recipes for your Le Creuset round French over and wow your guests at the dinnertable!



1/16/2008 9:41:29 AM
Chris said:

My Le Creuset is my second favorite piece of cookware, second only to the 6 qt. All-Clad Saute pan.


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