Other Bakeware Accessories For Different Recipes

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What are some other baking accessories I need?

Other Bakeware Accessories For Different Recipes

There are so many different things to bake that special bakeware supplies and tools are sometimes needed. Here's a listing of the top five bakeware necessities, what they do and some tips for use.

1. Free-standing mixer. You need this to handle lots of different recipe additions, whipping egg whites to meringue, whipping cream for frostings and mixing cake batter whether from a box or from scratch. Gift tip: A good quality freestanding mixer, like one from Kitchenaid, will probably last a bride her entire life!

2. Set of three mixing bowls: While your free-standing mixer will probably come in a set that includes at least one bowl, you'll need three more if you're an avid baker. The different sizes are for different functions. A medium bowl serves for sifting and holding the dry ingredients separately. The large bowl usually functions as the main mixing bowl, as well as for whipping certain ingredients or holding the wet ingredients separately. The smallest bowl is for adding any final ingredients or performing a certain task like separating egg yolks or mixing up herbs to add later. These bowls can be glass, like Pyrex bakeware bowls, or stainless steel bakeware. Some even feature handles and spouts. Gift tip: some cooks like to display these bowls in their decorated kitchen, so consider them a great-looking gift if you find special ones on the registry list.

3. Sifter: This important tool is used to fluff up and mix the dry ingredients, as well as strain out any impurities. Baking tip: If you skip this important step, cakes may not turn out as light and fluffy as they could be.

4. Rolling pin: A high-quality, good old-fashioned wooden rolling pin is a necessity for home-made biscuits, pizza dough, Christmas sugar cookies, pie dough and more. No two wooden rolling pins are alike because they are each crafted from different pieces of wood. Other rolling pin materials are stainless steel and marble. Care tip: Before rolling, always coat with flour. To clean a wooden pin, never submerge in water, just rub dough off and store in a cool, dry place.

5. A large board for rolling out dough for pizza, biscuits, cookies and pies. Choices of materials include: wood, collapsible plastic, marble and commercial-grade polypropelene. Easy-care tip: a commercial-grade cutting board made of thick, non-porous, odor-resistant, anti-microbial polypropelene is easy to wash in the dishwasher, removing the fear of left-over bacteria.



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