Bakeware Materials: Old Meets New!

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What are the different types of bakeware materials?

Bakeware Materials: Old Meets New!

Like cookware, bakeware comes in many different materials these days. Here's a primer of the differences between them, along with some cleaning tips!

• Non-stick bakeware. These will all come with a non-stick coating that provides for easy clean-up with just soap and water. Be sure to dry thoroughly. Care tip: Never spray these coatings with non-stick spray as they can become lodged in the porous surfaces and create a residue. Also, you'll need to use silicone or wooden utensils for removing food.

• Cast iron bakeware. This includes dutch ovens for baking casseroles and some classic biscuit pans for creating just the perfect biscuit: crunchy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. Look for cast-iron bakeware that has been pre-seasoned! Cooking tip: a cast-iron skillet can double as a frittata pan because it goes easily from stove to oven.

• Flexible Bakeware: These collections are made from shiny silicone so they are naturally non-stick. Removal of foods is a snap due to the flexibility and surface of the container. Care tip: This new bakeware is oven-safe, freezer-safe, dishwasher-safe and microwave-ready. What could be easier? Although, you'll need silicone utensils to go with them.

• Ceramic bakeware: A few pieces of these are a necessity for cooking casseroles and baked meals, plus they come in great colors for fun kitchen decorating. Care tip: Be careful during the clean-up as glass, ceramic and enameled cast-iron can easily be chipped.

• Stainless steel bakeware: Cookie pans, sifters, rolling pins, cookie and biscuit cutters and more. Care tip: Easy soap and water cleanup, but be sure to dry thoroughly to avoid water spots and stains.



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