A Pan That's A Real Heirloom (Or Atleast Looks Like It Is)

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I want one of those shiny black cast-iron pans without having to wait for years to achieve the finish, or for my grandmother to hand-down hers. Are there any cast-iron pans out there that have that finish already?

A Pan That's A Real Heirloom (Or Atleast Looks Like It Is)

There's just something about a cast iron pan handed downfrom generation to generation. Or is there? Now, with pre-seasoned Lodge Logic cookware, you get the same dark, burnished heirloom finish you'd get from your grandma's pan. Traditionally, it takes years of frying up chicken and baking cornbread to achieve such a brilliant patina. But now, thanks to Lodge Logic, you don't have to wait to inherit a perfect cast iron pan. To see for yourself, try a Lodge Logic griddle. Its shiny, black finish is not only attractive to look at, it means you won't have to waste time seasoning and re-seasoning. It also means you can start making French toast right away – just like grandma's.



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