The Advantages Of Cast Iron Cooking

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I'm interested in buying some cast-iron cookware. Can you fill me in on some of its advantages?

The Advantages Of Cast Iron Cooking

There's a reason why Lodge cast iron cooking has been going strong since 1896. Just think of the advantages. Heat is retained and distributed uniformly throughout, so food cooks evenly. No other cookware gets a better sear on a steak or crisps chicken to a more golden hue. Food simply tastes better. Lodge cast iron cooking makes food healthier, too, by leaching iron into whatever you're preparing. You may also want to consider recent warnings that preheating a pan that is chemically-treated could cause potentially dangerous fumes when placed in a hot oven. Lodge cast iron pans can withstand any temperature extreme and go from stove to oven, without that concern. Yet another plus is their versatility. You can whip up just about anything, from fried chicken to pineapple upside-down cake in a Lodge cast-iron skillet, and you can use it on just about any heating surface, including a campfire if you're so inclined. Properly seasoned, Lodge cast iron cookware requires little or no oil to achieve nonstick cooking and will last a lifetime. All that, and it's affordable too.



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