All-Clad Cookware Sets: Copper Vs. Stainless

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What's the difference between copper and stainless steel in cookware? How can I get the benefits of both copper and stainless steel in my cookware?

All-Clad Cookware Sets: Copper Vs. Stainless

The latest cookware is all about style, quality and how long you can expect the quality to last. Copper cookware is the unparalleled classic beauty in the kitchen and is known for its superior heat conduction. But in time, traditional copper cookware may need retinning inside and the finish on the outside does require constant polishing. Conversely, stainless steel, known for its affordability, easy care and low-maintenance, may have hot-spots that lead to burnt-on messes.

All-Clad has solved both of these problems by combining the cookware metals. All-Clad cookware combines the beauty and heat conduction of copper for professional restaurant cooking quality with the easy care and strength of stainless steel to create a thing of beauty that lasts forever (hence, the lifetime warranty)! Some All-Clad cookware lines show the copper, like All-Clad Cop-R-Chef. Others don't, such as All-Clad Copper Core. With these copper cookware options from All-Clad, you're sure to find the perfect pan or pot for your needs!



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